"ART IS THE DAUGHTER OF FREEDOM." (friedrich Schiller)

Born 1976 in Zell am See, Austria
paintings since 2001


As an autodidact I merge in my paintings numerous painting styles and materials.

I paint informal and abstract with acrylic paint. The colours are applied transparently, lightly and soft but also covering and pasty.

In my paintings I usually choose warm tones complemented by contrasts in cool colours, often combined with collages and

expressive slogans and words. 

What excites me is the complementary design: colour and counter-colour. I prefer canvas, cardboard, paper and wood as a painting surface. 

Impulses are found in nature or from mental images and my own emotional world. I enjoy the presence and flow during the painting process, the love and the dedication to the individual processes, which eventually lead to the finished picture.

The screen is a patient working surface. Particularly in the case of acryl mixing technique, unconsciously successful steps are

formed on the painting surface in the intuitive operation. This fulfilment when a work succeeds I transfer also to other realms of


Many moods are reflected in my paintings: longings, hopes, dreams, experiences, disappointments and joy. 

Depths and contrasts arise through the multi-layered operation and create tensions between elements from the back and foreground. For me it is a matter of experimenting with a variety of textures (acryl, sand, pigment, paste, oil chalk). The viewer can let his or her eye wander freely over the work and discover aspects for themselves.

I regularly attend classes to learn about the workings of other artists, to network with other arists and friends and build elements that particularly appeal to my style.

My pictures emerge spontaneously, inspired by the environment, mental world and culture.


Member of the Schule des Sehens Saalfelden, SEKTION